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Create Groups and Users in Central Management Console (CMC) in BusinessObjects 4.0

How to video for Central Management Console (CMC) in BusinessObjects 4.0. This video will show you how to: – Navigate Business Objects 4.0 Central Management Console – Create a Group, Sub Group, & User – Add a Group in CMC Group Hierarchy – Add a Sub Group to an existing Group – Add a User [...]

How to Create Pivot Table Excel 2007 Video

Creating a Pivot Table in Excel is a crucial part of data management int he Microsoft Suite. Pivot Tables are normally relied on by Power Users with in companies or advanced Excel employees. Creating a Pivot Table in Excel 2007 is different from creating one in Excel 97 – Excel 2003. The Pivot Table creation [...]

Installing a Connection inside Business Object Designer – A How To Business Objects Tutorial

The Business Object Designer Connection Set-up video is the second video in a series of 3 Business Objects Training Videos and includes a Business Objects Set-Up PowerPoint overview. The first Business Objects video showed how to create an ODBC Connection for Business Objects to connect to.This Business Objects video shows how to create a connection [...]

Learning Business Objects – How to Create ODBC Connection for BO Universe

This Business Objects video shows how to create an ODBC connection to be able to connect and create a Business Objects Universe. The video also contains a workflow for beginner Business Objects Users on the entire process of setting up Business Objects. From Business Objects installation, establishing Power Users buy-in,creating Business Objects connections, creating Business [...]

7 Steps to Properly Upload Data into SAP

SAP has been growing in popularity for almost all kinds of business and industries. This is due to the fact that SAP has been the service provider for many companies’ data and software management. More specifically, SAP Business Objects is a portfolio of applications and software tools that are specifically designed to help and maximize [...]

Business Data Analysis : Comparing Data Populations with SQL

While dealing with business data you will often times need to validated various database populations with one another. The comparison queries below are simplistic in nature but can be used in a host of business questions, solutions and resolutions. The SQL queries check and see if a record is in one population and not the [...]

iovation Adds Max Anhoury to Executive Team

PORTLAND, Ore., BUSINESS WIRE — iovation, the Device Reputation Authority’ for the Internet, today announced a new executive appointment.

27.NOV.08 Symposium Brings Together Artists, Scientists

By ARIN MIKAILIAN 27.NOV.08 It was a meeting of the technical and artistic minds as members of the entertainment industry and scientific community met in Century City Nov.

Interview- Three ways to leverage ERP during slowdown

Chennai: In what ways can enterprises leverage their ERP systems during a period of economic crisis such as what is currently experienced? When I pose this question to Mr Ranjan Das , Managing Director, SAP, …

Verizon Business Introduces New Portfolio of Converged Solutions…

Verizon Business announced Wednesday that it is rolling out a new portfolio of converged solutions that address the security and performance challenges faced by large corporations.